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  In-house: on-demand
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Writing courses
Our training division offers public and custom courses in technical writing, scientific writing and document reviewing. Custom courses can be delivered at our offices or yours.

Public courses are run over two days (except document reviewing, which is a one-day course); custom courses can be run over one, two or three days.

[Public courses coming soon]

Writer-placement services
Abelard Consulting's recruitment division specialises in the placing of technical writers (also known as technical authors or technical communicators).

Our service is unique in a number of ways, the most important of which is that applicants are filtered and interviewed by long-term practicising technical writers.

Our current contractors are working in many fields, some of which are: mining, petroleum refinery, robotic biosystems, network security systems, infrastructure security systems, commercial software products, banking systems, and transport maintenance.

Writing, editing and indexing
Abelard Consulting provides the full spectrum of documentation services: from editing a single document written by others to managing fully out-sourced project teams writing user documentation of many types, in many media, and in many languages.

Our services include:

  • fully managed out-sourced documentation projects
  • producing end-user documentation (such as user guides, online help and instructional movies)
  • document design (including the creation of boilerplate, and one-click styling, templates
  • technical and general editing (including copy-edit, structural edit and user-acceptance edit)
  • proof-reading services
  • indexing: back-of-book and online
  • editing of scientific papers, reports and tender responses
  • creating style guides and subject-specific thesauri
  • localisation and translation management
  • and much more.

Adobe has released a new version of its Technical Communication Suite (version 5). It contains a new version of FrameMaker (version 12), which is also be available separately, and an entirely new product: XML Author.

Try this short experiment
When is a sentence too long to be understood on one reading? After 20 words? 30 words? Test your own comprehension of sentences. You might be surprised to discover that word count is not so important.

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  For more information, call 1800 601 116 (a free call).