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Two days

  How to book
You can book a place in a public course by:

  • completing the online booking form below
  • calling 1800 601 116 (a free call) or
  • downloading the course brochure and posting, emailing or faxing it back with your details.

Ignore these booking options if you are requesting a quotation for an in-house course. Instead, call 1800 601 116 or contact us by email.

Public courses:, $695
In-house courses: A flag fall fee dependent on area + $25 per participant. For details, call 1800 601 116 (a free call), or
contact us by email.

We will send you a tax invoice. Unless negotiated otherwise, the invoice for a public course must be paid no later than 7 days before the scheduled start date of the course.

  Discounts: Public courses
The special price ($495) is offered to full-time students or holders of a current concession card. Otherwise the regular price ($695) applies.

Bulk discounts are offered for bookings of 4 or more. For details, call 1800 601 116 (a free call) or contact us by email.

  What you get

  • Training from a professional technical writer
  • Strong preparation for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator accreditation exam offered by the Society for Technical Communication
  • A 375-page reference guide titled The Art and Science of Technical Writing
  • A certificate
  • 30-days free email support
  • Refreshments (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

  Details: Public courses
1: Fundamental characteristics of good technical writing
The principle of communicative efficacy; the five characteristics of sound factual writing; audience-centric writing and how to write for mixed audiences; techniques for controlling vocabulary; what is correct writing?
2: Planning a technical writing project
Typical documentation development cycle; estimating; planning; reviewing (and tips on securing reviews); pagination tricks; dealing with printers
3: Writing technical reports and proposals
Types; section-by-section description; writing effective executive summaries; bids, white papers and RFTs; overcoming writer's block; citation and referencing; common problems (of logic, topic hierarchy, citations, cohesion, balance, etc.)
4: Writing step-by-step instructions
Techniques; tips and tricks; branching, looping, minimising steps
5: Document design and usability
Templates; designing for structure; font choice and its effect on comprehension; the three pillars of usability
6: The language of language
Parts of speech; the building blocks of language; writing effective paragraphs
7: Aspects of grammar
Old rules best forgotten; subject–verb agreement; the that or which dilemma
8: Obstacles to readability
Sentence complexity; conceptual density; misplaced jargon; nominalisation; noun clustering; poor use of voice; issues of tone; readability formulas
9: Troublesome words: Words easily confused; transition words; regional variations
10: Vital punctuation
Senseless fads; hyphens and dashes; commas; parenthetic markers; brackets; colons; semicolons; apostrophes; etc.
11: Breaking into the technical writing profession
How to network; writing a good CV; necessary software skills, remuneration, pros and cons of freelancing

[Table of Contents from the course handbook]

  Details: In-house courses
In-house courses are tailored to the needs of the client. Some or all the topics described above can be presented. Additional topics can also be developed. Call 1800 601 116 for information.

The list of courses below will be updated regularly. To request details of future courses not listed, send us an email.     [Testimonials]

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