Technical and scientific writing courses: public and corporate

Abelard Consulting offers a number of courses designed for those who want to improve their general, technical or scientific writing skills. The following courses are presented every few months in most capital cities in Australia. Click a link below to download a brochure describing a course.

  How do I book?
You can book by telephone, fax, post, email or online. The options are explained in detail on the course booking page:

  Technical writing course booking page
  Scientific writing course booking page

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your course and that you were a great teacher. You express yourself very eloquently, know your subject content in great depth, and were very entertaining. I have already implemented many of the techniques you taught us and I can't help but analyse all that I read!"
Mark Wilson, CSIRO, Sydney

  Technical Writing: An Introduction and Refresher [2 days]
  Scientific Writing: An Introduction and Refresher [2 days]

  Who are the courses for?
The Technical Writing course is for would-be and junior technical writers, for experienced technical writers who want to refresh some of their writing and documentation-planning skills, and for those whose work involves report writing or writing of a technical nature. Click here to see a list of the topics in the reference book participants receive at no extra cost. [Get brochure]

The Scientific Writing course is for those whose studies or employment involves the reporting of scientific comment or research. Click here to see a list of the topics in the reference book participants receive at no extra cost. [Get brochure]

  Course duration
Public courses are run over two consecutive days. In-house courses are tailored to each client's needs: 1, 2 or 3 days.

  Course fees
Fees for our public courses range from $495 to $695 (GST included).


+  Dr Geoffrey Marnell

The courses were designed by Dr Geoffrey Marnell. He also presents the technical writing courses, along with Dr Bill Parker and Vian Lawson. Dr Marnell is the founder of Abelard Consulting (and continues as the company's Principal Consultant). He taught Technical Writing and Editing in the English Department at the University of Melbourne for many years, and is accredited by IPEd (the Institute of Professional Editors). Geoffrey has more than 30 years experience as a technical writer, recruiter of technical writers, documentation consultant, documentation project manager and educator. His latest book—Correct English: Reality or Myth?—was published in January 2015. Another book—Essays on Technical Writing—is due to be published in January 2016.

+  Dr Annabel O'Connor

The scientific writing courses are presented by Dr Annabel O'Connor, Dr Bill Parker and Dr Geoffrey Marnell. Dr O'Connor has a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Melbourne and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at CSIRO. She has published numerous academic papers and popular science articles and has worked for scientific journals as an editor. She has also worked as a technical writer.

+  Dr Bill Parker

The scientific writing courses are presented by Dr Bill Parker, Dr Annabel O'Connor and Dr Geoffrey Marnell. Dr Parker has a PhD in bacteriology and more than 30 years experience working in academia and business (with more than 15 years in the resources and renewable energy industries as a writer and editor). His industrial writing background has had an emphasis on scientific and engineering operating protocols, product manuals and training manuals. He has also written many reports and briefing papers for governments, has been a feature writer for international magazines and a daily newspaper, and has contributed to the scientific literature. Dr Parker has also been a grant reviewer for the NHMRC.

+  Vian Lawson

The technical writing courses are presented by Dr Geoffrey Marnell, Dr Bill Parker and Vian Lawson. For many years, Vian taught Instructional Writing, Corporate Writing and Writing for the Web in the Department of Professional Writing and Editing at Holmesglen Institute. She has worked for over a decade as a technical communicator and corporate communicator in Australia and the US.

  On-request training
Abelard Consulting also provides training courses on request (that is, at a place and time that suits you). On-request courses are provided for a flat flag fall fee (plus a small per-participant fee to cover printing costs). In most cases our flat fee is cheaper than if each participant were to attend one of our public courses. Courses can be tailored for delivery over one, two or three days.

Bulk discounts are offered for bookings of 4 or more. For details, call 1800 601 118 (a free call), or send an email to

A special discount of 25% is applied to bookings received from full-time students or holders of a current concession card. (Both discounts cannot be claimed together.)

  What is included?
The price of all two-day public courses includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and extensive course notes. Participants also receive a certificate and access to 30-days free email support should they want any part of the course clarified or elaborated upon.

We also offer post-training reinforcement exercises to anyone who has done one of our courses.

  Where are classes held?
Public courses are held in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Classes in other cities will be offered as demand requires. All classes are held in or close to the CBD.

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