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  Technical writer; 3+ month contract; 3–4 days a week;start ASAP

A client has a requirement for a technical writer to work for 3–4 days a week for approximately 3 months. The domain is geosciences, and the principal authoring tool is Madcap Flare. It would be good if you had prior experience in the geosciences, drilling or mining technology, but it is more important that you have:

  • all-round technical communication skills (including a natural talent for writing instructional materials)
  • experience in writing easy-to-use instructions for using complex technology
  • good presentation and lay-out skills
  • tact and confidence in dealing with highly-skilled subject-matter experts and
  • advanced competency in using Madcap Flare (where the output is solely PDF files).

Start ASAP.

Send your CV to Make sure you include a contact telephone number and email address in your CV.

For further information, contact Geoffrey Marnell on 0419 574 668.

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