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Looking to Recruit a Technical Writer?

Building on its long-term experience producing technical documentation and managing documentation projects, Abelard Consulting offers specialist recruitment services to organisations seeking a technical writer (permanent or contract).

bullet  We know technical writing inside out, so we understand your requirements ...
Our recruitment consultants are both experienced recruiters and practising technical writers. This day-to-day familiarity with technical documentation—based on our work in this field—gives us an advantage over generalist recruitment agencies in that we fully understand the skill-sets employers are expecting: for they are the skill-sets we too need in the various consultancies undertaken by our documentation division. Hence we more quickly, and fully, understand a client's requirements.

bullet  ... and better see the strengths and weaknesses of applicants
Moreover, our intimate knowledge of the practice of technical documentation gives us the edge in assessing and filtering applicants. This is because the technical skills of an applicant can be assessed more objectively by a specialist technical writer than by a general recruitment consultant. This leads to better-matched referrals. It also leads to less time wasted by clients reviewing CVs from applicants who are not quite right for the job.

bullet  Resources
Over the years, Abelard Consulting has accumulated a vast database of technical writers. This database gives us quick access to a wide range of potential candidates, sometimes enabling us to fill a client's requirements in less than 24 hours. We can provide graduate-entry writers, juniors, seniors, team leaders and documentation managers.

bullet  Methodology
Our recruitment methodology is based on the notion that effective recruitment requires applicants to be able to demonstrate their skills, not just talk about them. In other words, applicants who make it onto our short lists will have been able to demonstrate (a) an understanding of the mechanics of language, (b) skills in writing straightforward, clutter-free procedures, (c) knowledge of appropriate software tools and practices and (d) the ability to analyse technical specifications.

bullet  Testing
To help in the selection process, we have developed a series of pen-and-paper tests the core elements of which can be added to, or customised, to meet the particular needs of a client. These tests can be supplemented by computer-based tests designed to enable applicants to demonstrate an adequate familiarity with a particular software tool.


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